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Gulfstream V Systems Review



What system does the landing gear normally receive its power from?
In flight can the aux pump lower the landing gear?
No, only on the ground for maintenance purposes
After gear retraction, is L sys pressure continually applied to the uplock actuator in the locked position?
After gear extension, is L sys pressure continually applied to the uplock actuator in the open position?
No, maintained open by a spring latch mechanism
The extension and retraction system is ________________ controlled and _______________ actuated. 
Electronically, hydraulically
In flight, what sources of hydraulic power can lower the gear?
L sys or PTU sys
The landing gear red handle light extinguishes on gear retraction when:
Landing gear are up and locked and all gear doors are closed
The red landing gear handle light will extinguish on gear extension when:
All gear are down and locked
What is the lock release button's position when the WOW switch is in the air mode? (out or flush)
Flaps less than 22: the landing gear warning horn will sound when the enging power levers are at idle, altitude is less than 350' AGL and:
Any gear is not down and locked
Flaps greater than 22: the landing gear warning horn will sound with engine power levers at any setting and:
Any gear is not down and locked
With the flaps greater than 22 degrees, can you silence the landing gear warning horn with the horn silence button? 
No, only retracting the flaps or lowering the gear will silence the horn.
You have just pulled the emergency extension handle to lower the gear after L sys failure. What happens if you push the handle back in?
Closes the emergency extension bottle outlet valve and vents the nitrogen pressure in the gear system overboard
What does pushing the "ldg gr dump v" switch on the COP do after using the emergency extension bottle? 
Resets the dump valve and the dump legend is extinguished.
You have just pulled the emergency gear extension handle. On the cop, you notice the "ldg gr dump v" switch has the "dump" capsule illuminated. Is this normal and what does it indicate?
Yes. The landing gear selector/dump valve has isolated the gear from the remainder of the hydraulic system.
On the ground, what position is the nose gear WOW switch, contacted or not contacted? 
Not contacted
On the ground, what is the position of the main gear WOW switches, contacted or not contacted? 
For all WOW relays to fail in the ground mode both ________ WOW switches must fail simultaneously.
Main landing gear
WOW switches: If radio altitude is greater than _________ feet AGL the aircraft it presumed by the FWC to be in the ___________ mode.
150, air
WOW switches:   If airspeed is less than 50 knots, the FWC presumes the aircraft to be in the ___________ mode.
Where can you see WOW Switch status (air or ground mode)?
Flight control synoptic page when the gear is down
What devices are installed to prevent tire blowout in the event of hot brakes?
Fuse plugs (390F), and over inflation safety plug (450PSI)
The normal braking system can receive IT hydraulic power from what sources?
Left, PTU, and aux
How do you meter brake pressure and application using the emergency brake system?
Using the park/emerg brake handle
What is the preload pressure of the park/emerg brake system accumulator?
1200 PSI at 70 F
The anti skid control unit (ACU), provides for anti skid control, locked wheel protection, and touchdown/hydroplane protection. what other valuable function does it accomplish?
Provides the signal for wheel de-spin braking
The wheelspeed monitor unit (WMU) provides two signal outputs to what two systems? 
Ground spoilers and thrust reversers
If the wheelspeed monitoring unit does not provide signals to the ground spoilers, can they still automatically deploy?
Yes, will use WOW switch information
Each MLG Wheel had wheelspeed transducer that provides wheel speed information to the ____________ and ______________.
Wheelspeed monitor unit and the anti skid control unit
The anti skid system is separated into two paired wheel system anti skid circuits. how are these paired with the wheels?
Inboard system (wheel #2 and #3), and outboard system (wheel #1 and #4)
Basic anti skid protection works by reducing brake pressure to a wheel when the sensed speed is less than __________ ground speed.
Touchdown/hydroplane primary mode protection: compares wheel speed to IRS ground speed. if wheel speed is _______ knots less than irs ground speed, it will prevent hydraulic pressure from being applied to the brakes.
50 knots
Touchdown backup mode protection: if WOW Switch is in the ________ mode, and wheel speed is less than ____ knots, it will prevent hydraulic pressure from being applied to the brakes.
Locked wheel protection underlies basic anti-skid protection and is not utilized unless _______________________ fails.
Basic anti skid protection
Gear retract braking is initiated when the:
Landing gear handle is moved to the up position
The nosewheel steering system (NWS) is _______________ controlled, ______________ powered and ________________ actuated.
Electrically, hydraulically, mechanically
The tiller can deflect the nws up to ________ degrees.
80 degrees
On a normal operating aircraft, the rudder pedal steering can deflect the nws up to _______ degrees.
In the vent of complete nws failure the NWS system reverts to a :
Free caster/shimmy damper mode.
NWS power switch: when is this powered? 
When the NLG is down and locked
NWS switch: when this switch is placed to off, the NWS reverts to:
A free caster/shimmy damper mode
If rudder pedals and tiller are both used, the ECM (electronic control module) will __________ the inputs into one output.
NWS unit is a self contained unit, monitored and controlled by the _______.
Possible hydraulic power sources to the NWS unit are:
Two solenoid operated valves (SOV) control hydraulic fluid to the NWS unit.
#1 SOV opens when the ____________________________switch is energized
#2 SOV opens when NLG WOW shifts to the _____________ mode/
NLG downlock , ground
The two NWS SOV (solenoid operated valves) are controlled by the ______ .
Electronic control module
NWS: The electro-hydraulic servo valve (EHV) is controlled by the_______.
Electronic control module
What does the electro hydraulic servo valve do?
Based on the steering command, it ports pressure to either side of the nws to steer the nose wheel
While towing the aircraft with the torque link connected, the tow operator exceeds 85 degrees which causes the overtravel indicator to pop up. Maintenance is required to inspect the NWS. Why?
When the unit reaches 85 degrees it contacts a stop pin which can be sheared if further travel is attempted. Pnly way to tell is to disassemble and examine to see if this has occurred.
You are landing in a heavy crosswind with a fair amount of rudder deflected. Why is it you do not suddenly veer off to the deflected side due to the nosewheel steering input when you lower the nose wheel to the runway? 
The electro hydraulic servo valve commands a straight ahead position for .8 sec then allows use of the NWS system.


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